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Most powerful dive-scooter in his class

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GAVIN NT Scooter

Quality made in Germany

The GAVIN NT Scooter has been specically designed to quickly transport divers and equipment safely to and from a dive location to maximize the dive times.
GAVIN is known since years as a reliable tool for all explorations in free water, wreck diving and cave systems.
GAVIN means use the express way to get bejond the end of the line and arrive safely back.
The manufacturing of the GAVIN NT is of the highest standard with reliability being a consideration at every stage of the development and testing process. This commitment to quality has lead to the perfection of the GAVIN NT.

Scooter Test

Our Customers for scooter testing
in Hemmoor 2021

Hemmoor 2021

Compact Power

The GAVIN NT power comes from the purposely designed propeller to fit the high performance servo motor with a built in digital control unit that can be adjusted to the individual needs of the diver, as required. This type of servo motor will out-live and out-perform the standard brushed motors that are found in previous versions of GAVIN Scooters.

  • reliable
  • powerful
  • light weight
  • versatile
  • service-friendly
  • advanced propulsion design
  • low frequence prop. RPM
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Key attributes

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Simply point and press.

The GAVIN NT controls are all integrated into the handle. From one position the GAVIN NT can be switched on or off, control your speed and for safety contains the "dead-man" switch.
At any time the intgrated LED shows the battery level by a simple blinking code.

  • Main power switch
  • stepless 0-100% speed controller
  • START and STOP trigger
  • Scooter status indication
  • Battery level indicator
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Made in Germany

The GAVIN NT pressure body uses only the best quality materials available in its construction to minimize corrosion, leading edge erosion, general wear and tear to ensure a trouble free long life in salt water environments.

Configure your personal scooter

You don’t just purchase a GAVIN, you commission it. A Scooter that is yours, and yours alone. Every GAVIN Scooter that leaves our factory is unique to its owner. Our configurator lets you begin the journey of commissioning your personal GAVIN by designing your vision.

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Safety first

In the unlikely event of the GAVIN NT propeller being stopped while in use, the brushless motor is digitally controlled to turn off, even under extreme torque for your safety. This prevents the GAVIN NT motor from becoming damaged and unusable during your dive. Simply clear the propeller, restart the GAVIN NT and your back on track. If you use all the battery power during your dive, the digital control unit will automatically turn off the GAVIN NT for you. Ensuring no unwanted surprises of turning on again further along on your dive. 
After your dive, simply rinse down the GAVIN NT with fresh water, dry and recharge. When recharging the GAVIN NT, simply plug it in to the charger. The recharge level is controlled and will automatically stop when the charge is complete, and with the integrated BMS (Battery Management System) there is no worry of damage or overheating during the recharge process. It is simply ready for your next dive.

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Water proving

The GAVIN NT clever design has incorporated commonly found standard seals to help with trouble free maintenance where ever your dive is worldwide (Refer to the Spare Parts List). The propulsion shaft is sealed by a high pressure ceramic mechanical seal which allows a high rpm under high pressure in conjunction with the use of radial seal to allow for differential pressure changes without impacting the performance from shallow to deep dives.

If the unbelievable should happen and you do spring a leak in the pressure body, don't worry, the optional IP 65 motor is designed as a sealed “off the shelf” unit. Drain, dry and reseal, and the GAVIN NT is ready to use with a minimum amount of fuss.


GAVIN unique propulsion design

The first carbon shroud for the previous “classic” GAVINS where build in 2005 as an option, It has now become a standard for the GAVIN NT.
The propeller shaft has now been disconnected from the motor shaft. That will ensure no axial forces on the motor bearings.

The unique propeller has been specially designd for our customers demands.

This led to the patented propeller design.

High strength reinforced plastic is used to ensure the blade reinforcement during all operations with the GAVIN NT.

3 blade Prop, the standard propeller for the 24V GAVIN NT

5 blade Prop, the standard propeller for the 40V GAVIN NT

Quality control to ensure high quality for the new GAVIN power prop.
Our manufacturer is controlling his process by the use of state of the art 3D optical measurement technologies.

5 blade Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD ) and Fenite Element Methode (FEM) analysis done for the advanced new GAVIN prop design.
The propeller will provide up to 380N thrust and allows a speed of between 80 and 86m/min.
The geometry was designed to fit on the new GAVIN NT series as well as on the old GAVIN scooters (on classic GAVIN the motor must be upgraded).

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